Its never been just about the clothes. 

I want to create a brand that celebrates all kinds of women from all walks of life. And I want to do it well.
From the team that makes our clothes, to our packaging and the charities we support - I want to build a
company that empowers women. 

I want to celebrate different forms of beautiful. 
I want all kinds of women to identify with what they see and what they wear.
I want to challenge women to unlearn self doubt and commission them to dream bigger.
I want to make inclusivity cool. 

And not just body positivity. But the weird, the vulnerable, and all the little and the big things that make us insecure and different. 

By giving 10% of our sales to FEMALE FORWARD charities, I want to propel women to help the world through education
and opportunity to step into a bigger life.

By striving to change the way we design, create and communicate, I want to embolden women to celebrate their 'different'. 

I know words like self-love and girl power can incite debate, and that this is so much bigger than me.

But I am driven by YOU. 

I'm challenged to do more by the girls who fight for an education. I'm motivated by the female CEOs that shattered average.  
I'm driven by my mother whose unchanging standards for beauty and female roles have been forged by society. I'm driven
by girlfriends whose small talk always seem to include the names of other girls. I'm driven by the moments that I stole from
myself through self-doubt and comparison.  

And for all the other moments that defined us because we are women. 

I'll be the first to say that there's still so much we can do and more that we're working at everyday, but we want you to
join us on the journey as a collective.  

We often show so little of our complexities, editing out our flaws and masking our colors.  
But here, we're embracing the magnitude 
and the human of our mission. 

I just want to do things a little differently.